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Deodorizing Services

Your pet is special. But when that pet leaves you something special on your carpet in your Northridge, CA home, what do you do? You call American Carpet Cleaning for all your pet urine odor removal needs.

Pet urine can permanently damage the carpet in your Porter Ranch, CA home as well as the sub floor, padding and backing, so you need to quickly deal with it. Hereís why: the urine from your pets, especially your cats, dries and leaves not only an unsightly pet urine stain but it crystallizes into that foul-smelling pet odor that quickly spreads through your Chatsworth, CA home. You might try to remove the pet urine stain from the carpet in your Granada Hills, CA home using normal household cleaners or special enzymatic cleaners, but those only mask the cat odor and might not completely get out the urine stain. You will not get rid of odors in your carpet because your pet will return the same spot again. Then your North Hills, CA will smell like a zoo, and everyone will know pets reside at your Reseda, CA property. You might not notice the cat urine smell because youíre used to the pet odor, but trust us, anyone who visits will. Plus, they might see that unwanted pet urine stain. 

Another reason you need American Carpet Cleaning: We get rid of cat urine odor problems using the most eco-friendly equipment at the best pet urine stain removal prices. So when you want to sell your house or entertain at home, your Northridge-area house will smell like new, your friends wonít want to cut their visit short or stay away altogether, and more offers to buy will come through.

If you have serious pet urine stain problems, American Carpet Cleaning offers padding replacement and sub-floor treatments. We also can get rid of skunk odor, and we guarantee to remove pet odors from carpet on recommended service. Try us, youíll like us!

Our deodorizers are Nontoxic, Nonflammable, Non-corrosive, and even Ozone safe, to remove common odors like:
Deodorizing Services
  Pet smells,
  Musty odors and more..

Deodorizing Services

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