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Area Rug Cleaning
For your area rugs, each rug's particular weave, fibers and dyes are individually inspected and deep cleaned to bring it back to like new condition. Once the cleaning process is completed a stain resistant coating is then applied to keep them in this condition as long as possible.  
Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Hereís a quiz for our Northridge, CA are rug-cleaning customers: Do you know how to clean your priceless Oriental area rug? How about your Persian area rug that hangs prominently in your Agoura Hills, CA home or Woodland Hills, CA office? Did you know that dry soil, street grime, oily soils, air pollution, pet urine, hair and dust get into the fibers of your fine wool area rug in your Tarzana, CA home? Do you know if oxygen cleaners work well on Indian area rugs or silk area rugs? Is dry foam the best way to clean area rugs in your Canoga Park, CA office? What about dry powder?

American Carpet Cleaning knows the answers to all of these questions, plus any others our Winnetka, CA customers have. Another thing American Carpet Cleaning knows is this: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN YOUR FINE AREA RUG YOURSELF!! You are taking a tremendous risk when you donít hire a professional area rug cleaner. You could permanently damage that priceless antique Navajo area rug, and once itís damaged, thereís no turning back. Your area rug is worthless.

Fortunately, American Carpet Cleaning is the professional area rug cleaner that cleans area rugs at the best area rug cleaning prices. We even have area rug cleaning coupons. We know the best ways to clean all of the different fine area rugs regardless of weave, dye or fiber. Each area rug, is individually inspected and deep cleaned to bring it back to like-new condition, just like youíd expect from a professional area rug cleaner. Once the cleaning process is completed, a stain resistant coating is then applied to keep your Oriental area rug in this mint condition for as long as possible.

American Carpet Cleaning knows that to properly repair an area rug, it first must be cleaned. Once you have your clean area rug, American Carpet Cleaning can repair it. We do it all, from binding, backing and mothproofing to shearing. And if our Northridge customers need an appraisal, we might be able to give it to you for free.

Normally for a small additional charge we can even repair, provide re-fringing and padding replacement.

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